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Our Products

We are pleased to provide you with the most up to date product range information in the market every four weeks! Our Price List is available to order free of charge for all our customers either.

Each Period, you will automatically receive our Promotional Brochure, the Changes & Bonus Book and a personalised Customer History Report. The Customer History Report details the products you’ve purchased from us in the last 12 months to enable you to check your range and stock requirements in your store


Pet Accessories

  • We offer exclusive pet clothes provided by Ferribiela, a leading italian accessories provider.
  • Cages with different sizes & shapes for dogs and cats.
    • Feeders & Watery Dishes
    • Wonderful Pet Beds
    • Brush & Combs
    • Leash & Collar Collections
    • Cat trees
    • toys
    • shampoo series